Our Mission

The founder of Innovative Building Energy Control is a Consulting Engineer. Having experience in the field, he noticed that there is a large gap between construction and product manufacturers, making some products very hard to use in the construction field. Unfortunately, in these situations, it is the consulting engineers that get the direct feedback from contractors and face hardships if construction issues arise. The mission of our company is to develop mechanical, electrical, and plumbing products according to the needs of contractors, while still meeting the code requirements.
Our products are to be:

  • Easily installed; and
  • Economic
  • Our Achivement

    1. Development of a daylight control system that is compatible with more 2-wire dimmable lights. All of our components are patented and UL listed.
    2. Development of an on-grill actuator to convert wall/ceiling registers to zoning dampers. The patent is still pending.
    3. Development of a zoning and air modulation system. The patent is still pending on this as well.
    See our patents & UL certifications

    Our Team

    Our team consists of a few researchers, engineers, and sales consultants. We are constantly performing research in order to provide accurate solutions to real-life construction issues. Many of these issues affect homeowners directly. Our team is dedicated to solving these issues before they arise, making the construction process easier for all parties involved.