May 09

Use 2-wire dimmable lights in daylight zone

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Title 24 (California) and IECC define the daylit zone as: A region of space considered to be close to a source of daylight such as window, clerestory, roof monitor or skylight, where luminaires can be dimmed or switched in response to available daylight. It is classified as primary sidelit daylit zone; secondary sidelit daylit zone; and skylit daylit zone. The lights in the daylit zones shall have automatic daylighting controls, which shall provide functional multi-level lighting levels having at least the number of control steps specified in the code. For example, for LED lights, the requires continuous dimming from 10-100%.
Currently, the designer has to use 0-10VDC dimmable lighting fixtures, 0-10VDC dimmer and controllers for daylit zone. All the components are different from other areas, which makes the construction management difficult. There must be two set of wirings: one is 0-10VDC low voltage wiring and the other is 120VAC power wiring, which dramatically adds the construction cost.
Our devices are patented and UL listed. The daylit control system is composed of three components: the dimmer, the sensor and the controller. Unlike the 0-10VDC dimmer, our dimmer can power the lights directly. It has AC power input and it uses CAT5 cables to communicate with the controller. The controller and the sensor are all low voltage devices and connected to the dimmer by CAT5 cables for communication. Therefore, the system separates the power and control; power wires are the same as that using regular switches; control wires are CAT5 cables and not feeders UL listed for high voltage. In addition, the system works with 2-wire dimmable lights. Thus, it will save your labor and material cost to make your project title 24 or IECC compliant.
The approximate cost of our system is $319.

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